A SLOW ritual of personal destruction

‘Slow’ is an orienteering technique that helps you to navigate your environment without the aid of any tools. When you enter a  new environment, do a mental scan of sounds, landmarks, odors, and wind in order to make a multi-sensory image of place. ‘Slow’ is a way to avoid getting lost in new environments by paying attention to details. It can also be a way to slow down and be mindful.

A ritualized destruction of my likeness is a long-term project I began 10 years ago as a way to mark time and to acknowledge the shifting communities and places that define my life. The ritual is a symbolic gesture of annual renewal and a cathartic, destructive act. The ritual has a different flavor every year, and this year it is an opportunity for people to be outside, to tap into their senses, and pay attention to ordinary environments, all while discovering some moments of hidden destruction.

You can follow this ritual in small groups, keeping in mind up-to-date COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor gatherings. Begin by entering the park from any entrance and follow the directions below. On your journey, you will likely come across another ritual of life and death- a memorial for the children of residential schools. I invite you to take a moment to pay respects and reflect on those who were destroyed too soon and perhaps on how mindfulness in our interactions and daily choices can be a part of dismantling a colonial trajectory. 



1. Download Artivive app 
2. Head to Dufferin Grove park 
3. Each clue, in conjunction with the map graphics, will guide you to a sticker planted in the park. Use the app to read the stickers and uncover moments of divine destruction 
4. Share a word or a thought in the comments section below! 

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